3 1/2 hours ride with

from Silverton to Durango

Arrival of the train with Locomotive No. 480 at Silverton Street-station

A short movie from the arrival


Here are some of our pictures to give an insight from this great adventurous ride, along animas-river:

Shortly before train-departure in our open waggon (our train had loc. no. 481)


The ride has begun:

     Always along the river 


View of the other site


Old bridge


Beautiful landscape

Bridge over animas

Stop in the middle of nowhere to refill the watertank

Begin of the most spectacular part of the ride: through the Canyon

Loc No. 481 ascending

    views into Animas River  and canyon 


Always along the cliff-face; really an adventure!


A view back

Nice view of the steaming locomotive

Arrival in Durango, colorado

short video

Drive into the station (view Video)

End of this wonderful steamride. what a pity!!

Durango station from the front